Welcome 2015!!!

How time flies! It is 2015 now. In 2014, I had taken the resolution to be more active in blogging, reading and commenting. Well…that didn’t happen obviously. Don’t you think taking a resolution is actually jinxing that thing? 😀 How did I let this happen to my once famous blog? I celebrate my birthday every year so enthusiastically but since last two years I have ignored my blog, an integral part of me and my identity, even on its birthday!! 😦 Where and when did I lose the energy and motivation? When did I become so lazy at blogging? ( I admit I am lazy generally :-P) There has been no dearth of travel in 2014 but somehow they didn’t get transformed into posts.

As you can guess, my still loyal reader, academic session has ended at work and now I am free enough to open my dying blog and attempt to resuscitate it. 🙂  Maybe I should not aim at writing a blog post in one sitting. To revive a dying blog, it is better to do it step by step…to slowly get back into the blogging habit. Content creation does require creativity, inventiveness, thought, energy and time which some of us just can’t muster up enough.

So the first travel of 2015 started with us going to Coorg last weekend. Post will come up soon. In September 2014, D went to Netherlands for official work (his company HQ is there) for 3 weeks or so. But I couldn’t accompany as one month holiday from job is next to impossible for me!! Over one weekend, he visited my sister too who stays in Denmark. *Jealous* Even my parents have visited my sister!! I am the only one in my family who has a passport but not a single stamp on it. 😦 Sigh!! Actually I need to update my passport too. It still carried old address and maiden name. Hehehe. Told you I am lazy.

So I am thinking we should now make plan to go to Nepal or Bhutan…Phoren ka phoren and not much expensive. But talking of foreign tours, I happened to come across “TravelTours” travel company which is located in Bangalore.

TravelTours, started in1977, now has 13 offices across 9 cities. They are about 320 travel professionals offering services to each and every customer’s requirement. TravelTours caters to every aspect of tourism. They offer hassle-free holidays to 70+ destinations around the globe. The company is recognized by Ministry of Tourism, India. They also offer services such as Corporate Travel Management, Foreign Exchange and Corporate MICE (Meetings & Incentive tour planning).

Though not much information is available for domestic holidays, they offer lots of international packages under various themes like adventure, beach, honeymoon, cruise, romance, luxury, special interest etc.

So a budget traveller like me can go for a good pocket friendly deals like Singapore Getaway package or D always talks about going on African safari so maybe we can go for the Discover Kenya package! A food connoisseur can live his/her ultimate food dream by doing a special interest culinary tour of Italy package or a newly married couple can plan a honeymoon with their Mauritius adventure package.

TravelTours’ motto is that no two travellers are alike. So they customize the packages for different customers and offer them a wide range of travel options to suit their budgets. They claim that their strong relationship with agents and hotels around the globe has ensured that the customers have a great holiday.

Hope to try our their services soon. 🙂

So, loyal reader, where are you planning to go in the long weekend just around the corner?  Apparently there are 14 long weekends in 2015 but few of them involve one day of bunking work 😛  Sadly I work six days a week not five.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome 2015!!!

  1. I wish I could go abroad, but I don’t have a passport. Maybe destiny wants me to get around India first!

    Destination Infinity

    • Hey thanks for your comment!! so happy to see at least one person reading my blog still! Get a passport made..who knows destiny may suddenly take you abroad!

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